streets in colour - Birka Wiedmaier

The pictures I take are my very personal view of a place or situation; they are far away from being objective. But this is what I consider the beauty of photography. We all often visit the same places but leave them with a very different set of images. My images show this as well. They are my take on the place, my interpretation of what I consider interesting and beautiful. Often, I ask myself; "Why do I photograph a certain person or situation?" One approach is my interest in the story behind; why is this person here, where is he/she going? I love elderly people; whose wrinkled faces alone tell stories; maybe of a life with hardships or prosperity. Younger people seem to be lost in their own world, daydreaming. What is their view, what do they want? I like to leave a place with my questions unanswered. Hopefully my images make people think about and question a situation too.

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