Birka Wiedmaier is a native German, living in Istanbul. Her photographic journey started while living in Moscow.

Birka is mainly self-taught and focuses on street photography. When she initially picked up her first digital camera and started exploring the world around her, Birka wanted to keep memories of her walks. However, she soon discovered that with the camera in hand she paid more attention to details and the people around her.
Her fascination was instantaneous, and it never left her. Birka dabbled in various genres, and street photography is one such genre she's found interest in.
Through Birka's eyes, the people of a city, town or village are what define the face and life of their respective places. She likes to capture them in candid moments, unnoticed.
While Birka enjoys capturing real life scenes, she is also quite fond of experimenting with more abstract photography, utilizing multiple exposures and long exposures.

The fruits of Birka's labour, in her own words, are far from objective; they are her personal experience and view of a place or situation. She also believes that this is precisely the beauty of photography. "We all often visit the same places but leave them with a very different set of images." This is also reflected in her own work. Birka's photographs are her interpretation of what she considers interesting and beautiful. She often asks herself: "Why do I photograph a certain person or situation?" In an approach to answering this question for herself, Birka creates stories for the people she captures; why are they here, and where are they going? Birka hopes that her images inspire others to also think about and question situations.

Recent mentions and achievements:
Soul of Street #19 (interview)
Shades of Grey Magazine (interview)
INSPIRED EYE Photography Magazine (interview)
Street Photography in Germany by Martin U. Waltz 
Top Street Photos in Color of 2017 by  Sebastian Jacobitz
Honourable mention for Best Series in Black&White International Award

work exhibited: 
2019 - Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival - Group exhibition Women Street Photographers
2019 - Hamburg - "Mein Kiez" - Group exhibition as part of German Street Photography Festival 
2019 - San Francisco - Two Way Street  - Group exhibition 
2019 - Paris - Street Sans Frontières - Humans and Street Life - Group exhibition
2019 -  Moscow - Spring Kaleidoscope - Group exhibition
2018 - Art Market Budapest - Silhouettes and Shadows - Group exhibition
2017 -  Moscow - Solo exhibition
2017 -  Berlin Blue Art Gallery - People in the city  - Group exhibition
2017 -  London - Abstract/Fine Art Photography - Group exhibition 
2017 -  London - StreetPhotography - Group exhibition 
2017 -  Stockholm - Capture the Moment - Group exhibition
2016 - Oklahoma City Woody Gaddis Gallery: Connect - Group exhibition 

Moscow Metro project featured in:

Adore Noir Magazine - interview

Dodho Magazine         - featured

WOMEN IN STREET    - interview 

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