About me - Birka Wiedmaier

About eight years ago I picked up my first digital camera and started exploring the world around me with it in hand. In the beginning, it was part of exploring Moscow, a huge and beautiful city and to keep memories of my walks. But soon I realised that with a camera in hand I paid more attention to details and the people around me. I was just fascinated and this fascination never left me. 
I tried various genres, but my greatest fascination lies in street photography. The people of a city, town or village bring life to the place and give it a face. I like to capture them in candid moments, unnoticed.
Enjoy browsing my site and feel free to get in contact.

Moscow Metro project featured in:

Adore Noir Magazine

Curious Frame Magazine

Dodho Magazine

work exhibited: 

Woody Gaddis Gallery Oklahoma - Connect 2016 - Group exhibition (joint project with Karolina Trapp)

Stockholm Diary - Capture the Moment 2017 - Group exhibition

Berlin Blue Art Gallery - People in the city 2017 - Group exhibition

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